Smart Guard

Smart Guard - $49.00

The Smart Guard is a shield that is applied to any electric/water or gas box that contains a Smart Meter.

The "Smart Guard" is created from a plant base resin and encoded with over 230+ resonant frequencies that harmonize the hazardous Radio Frequencies which are pulsating from the Smart Meter. The "Smart Guard is approx. 1¼ inches round and ¼ of inch in height which makes it compact and very simple to attach to any smart meter with its small velcro dot. We recommend that you attach the guard on the underneath of the outside electric box where the smart meter is located. We cannot guarantee this product against extreme weather conditions so tucking it in a sheltered area of the meter is highly recommended.

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What’s So Smart About a Smart Meter?

The latest news today is focused on the installation of what has been touted to be a great advancement – the Smart Meter. So, what exactly is a Smart Meter? Well, in short, it is supposed to be the newest and most efficient way to report energy usage and thereby enable the population to save energy. The goal of installing Smart Meters is to provide an energy management tool for residential areas with the intention of educating users on how they can reduce energy usage and stress on energy suppliers during peak times of the day. President Obama has endorsed and mandated it … it is supposed to be good for you and the country. Advanced metering infrastructure or AMI includes smart meters as part of an overall system that includes a mesh network or series of wireless antennas at the neighborhood level to collect and transmit wireless information from all the smart meters in that area back to a specific utility.

As we’ve learned, this system allows the utilities companies to have access to individuals’ homes, monitoring the use of electricity. In essence, they can determine what time of day and for how long an individual (that would be you) used the hot water, ran the dishwasher, took a shower, and made some toast and how long the oven was on to cook dinner. We won’t even go into how that could be construed as a violation of personal space – otherwise known as invasion of privacy. Smart meters are a new type of electrical meter that uses wireless signals (radiofrequency/microwave radiation signals). So, instead of having a meter-reader come onto your property to measure your electrical usage manually, citizens of many countries now have smart meters installed, whether they want them or not! In order for the smart meter to work, it requires the installation of a power transmitter, inside the home, on each appliance. This transmitter is required to measure the energy use of each individual appliance (think washing machine, clothes dryer, dishwasher … you get the idea), and sends the gathered information back to the smart meter using wireless radiofrequency signals. So then, what’s the problem?

Well, considering the fact that smart meters are slated to be (and have been) installed on virtually every building that has electricity in America, Australia and other countries, the question requires a response that far exceeds what we can provide in this newsletter. However, having said that, we do have some comments: First of all, since every family home in the US (and other countries), every school classroom, childcare facility – in fact every building with an electric meter – is slated to have a WIFI wireless meter installed, each site is subject to unpredictable levels of radiofrequency (RF) every day. According to a report by Sage Associates Environmental Consultants of Santa Barbara, California, there are no current, relevant public safety standards for pulsed RF involving chronic exposure of the public – including sensitive populations, those dealing with medical issues that involve metal or medical implants that can be affected by electromagnetic interference (EMI) or localized heating. Additionally, there is a question as to whether these devices have been tested and shown complicit with FCC public safety limits and whether the limits themselves are sufficient to protect public health and safety.

In response to this concern, David Carpenter, a public health physician who graduated from Harvard Medical School and worked for New York State’s Department of Health for 18 years, during which time he was responsible for administrating the program there on electromagnetic fields and later became the Dean of the School of Public Health, was consulted. While the state says there’s nothing to be concerned about, Mr. Carpenter says, “that’s absolutely false…” Listen to his comments on YouTube here: There are myriad reports and references on the internet about Smart Meters and the inherent health issues related to this most-often unwanted item.

We at Safe Connect Plus+ have some Quantum Solutions to the problem. Since you will probably be subjected to this unwelcome device, isn’t it wise to do what you can to ensure you and your family are protected from the negative influences and effects of WIFI? Find out how you can protect yourself and those you care about through the use of Safe Connect Plus+ EMF Shields.

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